Stripes Detail Wool Trousers

540.00 EUR

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My Beautiful Landlet's signature style blends sportswear references with classic tailoring through a distinctive Japanese approach. The Stripes Detail Wool Trousers feature a slightly flared silhouette from the knee down, revealing a distinctive 'broken stripes' detail that stands out as a key piece in the brand's latest offerings. Crafted from a lightweight wool fabric with a water-repellant chintz finish, they boast a silky smooth sheen and texture.

Styled with

Line Cut Long Sleeve Top
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Check Bandana
N. HOOLYWOODCheck Bandana50.00 EUR
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Switching Beads Necklace
JIEDASwitching Beads Necklace145.00 EUR
Military Rib Open Back Top
KUROMilitary Rib Open Back Top215.00 EUR
A Pair of Blossomy Trainers
CHOCO CONCERTA Pair of Blossomy Trainers340.00 EUR

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