Flower Picker Shirt

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Sharp cut and boxy, with textured patch pockets and a strip of what appears to be white paint - this shirt from Shinya Kozuka elevates workwear to new heights. Extra-wide mid-length sleeves create a carefully constructed voluminous silhouette that stands out from the crowd.

Styled with

Pleated Wool Bonding Skirt
TOGA ARCHIVESPleated Wool Bonding Skirt590.00 EUR
Classic Leather Sandals
TOGA PULLAClassic Leather Sandals330.00 EUR
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Baggy Trousers
SHINYAKOZUKABaggy Trousers310.00 EUR
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Curl Ring
Classic Leather Loafer
TOGA VIRILISClassic Leather Loafer430.00 EUR

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