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A good way to describe these N.HOOLYWOOD slacks would be functional dress-come-casual wear. Classic belt loops, a clasp and zip closure and a single back pocket are all elements of a more formal look. Yet these are crafted from water repellent cloth that comes with added stretch. A one tuck wide leg is tapered at the hem to produce an extra wide look when worn, adding a relaxed feel.

Styled with

Western Chain Belt
TOGA PULLAWestern Chain Belt220.00 EUR 275.00 EUR
20% Off
Fruit of the Loom x Jieda Layered Long Sleeve
JIEDAFruit of the Loom x Jieda Layered Long Sleeve75.00 EUR 150.00 EUR
Sold out
50% Off
Classic Leather Loafer
TOGA VIRILISClassic Leather Loafer430.00 EUR
Line Cut Long Sleeve Top
PERVERZELine Cut Long Sleeve Top122.50 EUR 245.00 EUR
50% Off
Chunky Sole Shoes
TOGA PULLAChunky Sole Shoes311.50 EUR 445.00 EUR
30% Off

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