Yoke – the cult Tokyo label where clean lines and sartorial elegance retain a feel of sleek sophistication.

Yoke was founded by designer Norio Terada in 2018 and has built a reputation for elevated looks that feel both modern and timelessly sophisticated.

The label has a signature sophisticated dress-casualwear feel and produces a number of oversized layered looks.

The 21AW season is a collection that takes advantage of the color schemes seen at the works of abstract painter Mark Rothko. The striking colors such as burgundy, purple and orange drawn in the center of this season and are expressed through extraordinary material texture.



Covered Collarless Jacket
YOKECovered Collarless Jacket785.00 EUR
Nylon Covered Trench Coat
YOKENylon Covered Trench Coat1 390.00 EUR
Jacquard Belt Wide Shorts
YOKEJacquard Belt Wide Shorts425.00 EUR
Stripe Shirt Dress
YOKEStripe Shirt Dress430.00 EUR
Covered Straight Fit Trousers
YOKECovered Straight Fit Trousers435.00 EUR
Pinstripe Sleeping Shirt Jacket
YOKEPinstripe Sleeping Shirt Jacket450.00 EUR
Printed Cotton Crewneck Sweater
YOKEPrinted Cotton Crewneck Sweater480.00 EUR
Printed Cotton Knit Lounge Pants
YOKEPrinted Cotton Knit Lounge Pants515.00 EUR
Printed Cotton Crewneck Vest
YOKEPrinted Cotton Crewneck Vest395.00 EUR
Short Sleeve Printed Shirt
YOKEShort Sleeve Printed Shirt350.00 EUR
Printed Easy Wide Shorts
YOKEPrinted Easy Wide Shorts330.00 EUR
Oversized Inside-out T-shirt
YOKEOversized Inside-out T-shirt160.00 EUR
Detachable Collar Wool Blazer
YOKEDetachable Collar Wool Blazer820.00 EUR
Side Open Double-breasted Blazer
YOKESide Open Double-breasted Blazer765.00 EUR
Double Breasted Wool Overcoat
YOKEDouble Breasted Wool Overcoat1 210.00 EUR
Rothko Jacquard Bal Collar Coat
YOKERothko Jacquard Bal Collar Coat1 130.00 EUR
Rothko Printed Shirt Dress
YOKERothko Printed Shirt Dress550.00 EUR
Connecting Crew Neck Knit
YOKEConnecting Crew Neck Knit500.00 EUR
Rothko Border Kid Mohair Crew Neck Knit
YOKERothko Border Kid Mohair Crew Neck Knit470.00 EUR
Oversized Big Flap Long Shirt
YOKEOversized Big Flap Long Shirt440.00 EUR
Belted 2 Tuck Wide Trousers
YOKEBelted 2 Tuck Wide Trousers440.00 EUR
Belted High Waisted Trousers
YOKEBelted High Waisted Trousers440.00 EUR
Narrow Leather Belt
YOKENarrow Leather Belt150.00 EUR
Kid Mohair Border Long Scarf
YOKEKid Mohair Border Long Scarf285.00 EUR